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A Feature-Rich Professional CMS website Software designed for customers who want complete control of their website. Create your own branded jewelry or diamonds website.

Manage Compmay Pages , Show your Diamond / Jewelry Inventory , List your Diamond Inventory in other websites such as Idex , List your jewelry in other websites such as Etsy 

Show enhanced product details with static or 360 view and much more .

Starting From 80 $ Per Month

Key Features

2 Way Lisiting jewelry and diamonds

Importing and exporting diamonds and jewelry data fuctionality .


Accessability & Optimized User Experience - Maximize conversions by ensuring your website works on all devices:

  • Fully responsive web design - optimised for mobile, tablet and desktops
  • Remarketing opportunties


Customizability & Extensibility = Flexibilty:

  • Core features and the components are separated in the code, support for dedicated and third-party plugins, widgets, apps etc
  • Select theme / design, with total control for modifications


Multilingual site functionality:

  • Supports any language for friendly locale with full Unicode support - unique character sets, such as Japanese, Russian, and Arabic, are supported in the system


Search Engine Optimised - Theres no point in having a great looking site if people can’t find it:

  • search engine optimized site structure
  • Editing URL structure
  • Manage page titles, meta description and keywords
  • Automated google sitemap generation
  • Automate & personalise SEO patterns across pages
  • Tagging support


Digital asset management:

  • Upload & organize graphics , PDF's and other doc types including multimedia files within the CMS


Control over the content:

  • Powerful and intuitive user interface providing a streamlined work area with rich authoring environment
  • Quick and Easy publishing - On/Of content showing
  • Multi-level navigation menus – including smart side menus
  • Separation of content and design - Access to the HTML source of the template


Membership users and groups:

  • Authorized access control - system administers assign user privileges and roles, allowing users to only access the content they are authorized to use



  • Powerful site search capabilities



See our Listing to IDEX Demo

WideCommerce features used:

  • IDEX B2B 2 Way Lisiting and Importing fuctionality
  • Diamonds / Jewelry Catalog & Shopping fuctionality
  • Custom Video & Design

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List your Jewelry / Diamonds On Many MarketPlaces from your website

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